Ball bearings one flaged axle 2,38 mm (3/32'') -ABEC 5-

Ref: SP055002

Steel - one flanged ABEC 5 - for 2,38 mm axle (3/32'') - for hole anchoring of 4,75 mm - 0,21 gr/u - bag with 2 units


This ball bearing is generally used in metal or fiber chassis and, recently, some brands have incorporated it as standard in some of their models. Also, and very recently, some brands manufacture anglewinder motor mounts ready to use ball bearings.

This new reference -SP055002- has higher quality than its namesake -SP055000- and should not be used, due to its higher cost, if we don’t need better features.

IMPORTANT: The bearing is already properly lubricated at the factory, but it’s not "lubricated for life" and will be necessary lubricated on first use and periodically to maintain its performance and durability. Lubricate both faces before each race with LUBBOIL Nº6 -preferably-, LUBBOIL Nº1 or another specific oil for ball bearings.

Remember to clean the excess so as not to stain the track or internal parts of the car.