Wheel 19,3 x 10 mm -TOUAREG-

Ref: SP027003

Duraluminium - 2,5 g - Alllen screw M2,5 x 3 mm - bag with 2 units + 2 screws


Our second wheel,  after our first model -BAJA-, designed exclusively for the RAID and TRUCK category.

A wheel designed to meet four essential objectives for these categories; It has a contained weight for this type of rims of only 2.5 gr., it is extraordinarily resistant as it has been developed to withstand the most demanding and harsh treatment, Sloting Plus quality beyond any doubt and, as in all our wheels, it also has an attractive design.

In addition, and if the fan wishes, it has also been designed to allow the possibility of inserting a plastic or resin -hubcap- to give even more realism to the model to be reproduced.