Screw M2,1 x 5 T6 TORX for bodies

Ref: SP159911

Steel - M2,1 x 5 mm total length without the head - T6 TORX - bag with 20 units + T6 TORX screwdriver


New T6 Torx body screw.

Why Torx? A right decision so its durability is much higher than Phillips screws. In addition, it allows the screw to be attached to the screwdriver. We are sure this will satisfy all users.

Why light color? The zinc plated light colored finish allows to easily distinguished from its predecessor, the black Phillips screw, and in this way any user will never be confused.

Why the 2.1 metric? According to our opinion is the ideal size in any 1/32 body due a smaller screw (M2) ha not a correctly finish adjusting and in the case of a larger metric (M2.2 or higher) ther is the risk of breaking the support.

Without a doubt, an indisputable advance and an enormous benefit for all users.

0,19 gr. for M2,1 x 5 and 0,23 gr. for M2,1 x 7,5