Special lubricant LUBBOIL Nº 6 CAPILLARITY

Ref: SP120006

Capillary lubricant - for general lubrication - Green Lime color - 15 ml - bag with 1 unit

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LUBBOIL Nº 6 CAPILLARITY is a multi-application lubricating fluid that acts by capillary action specially developed to dissolve dirt, lubricate moving parts and protect metal parts from corrosion. It contains a high range of liquid lubricants, penetrating additives, anticorrosives, antioxidants and non-chlorinated solvents. It does not contain silicones and is suitable for plastic mechanisms.

APPLICATIONS: Indicated for any mechanism that requires a product that actively combines the 3 actions described above, cleaning, lubricating and protecting.

PROPERTIES: Penetrates quickly between the parts to be lubricated by the action of capillarity, being very suitable in micro-mechanisms, moving parts and mechanical elements with little clearance between them. Protects against the action of humidity and the elements, and prevents and avoids the oxidation of the treated elements.

ATTENTION: It is not biodegradable. Treat as a recyclable product.