Wheel 15,9 x 8,5 mm. SPA -Eau Rouge-

Ref: SP024236

Duraluminium - 1,02 gr - allen screw M2,5 x 3 mm - bag with 2 units + 2 screws


This new rim is the result of applying new concepts and ideas in the structural design to obtain more resistance, control the weight, confer more dynamism and make it attractive in almost any car.

Inherits the base of the ATLANTIS model, but redesigned, and has been able to increase stiffness by 10% compared to this model. To increase the visual detail and differentiate this rim from the rest of the range, we have eliminated the central nut enhancing its appearance with the contrast of the design.

This new model, like all other Sloting Plus rims, does not protrude the screw hub, that is, it has the same width across the entire perimeter of the rim allowing it to be adjusted to the maximum in those models of narrower cars.