Wheel 16,9 x 10 mm SPA -La Source-

Ref: SP024232

Duraluminium - 1,18 gr - allen screw M2,5 x 3 mm - bag with 2 units + 2 screws

This new rim is the result of applying new concepts and ideas in structural design to obtain more strength, control weight, get more dynamism and make it attractive in almost any car.

Like the rest of the Sloting Plus rims, this new model lacks of the hub, that is, it is completely flush with the wing and the total width of each measure is 8.5 or 10 mm respectively.

Sloting Plus was the first rims manufacturer to adopt this new format, globally in all its models, in order to gain balance and increase the possibilities of use because the flush hub allows to gain a few tenths in those models and preparations that require it.