UNIVERSAL spring for suspension L7/3-M20

Ref: SP117024

Stainless steel - Ø 3 mm inner diameter x 7 mm of length - bag with 6 units


Spring for suspension L7/3-M20LENGTH 7 mm- MEDIUM.

We have created a new alphanumeric system to codify the suspension springs. In this way we can correctly classify all the springs.

The first letter of the code, followed by a number, indicates the total length of the spring. After the bar, followed by a number, or numbers (in the case of the conical springs), indicated the inner diameter.

The second and third letter of the code indicates the hardness of the spring and the final number indicates the thickness of the steel wire.

You can see the scheme of the coding in the informative document.

All Sloting Plus springs are compatible with the usual suspension systems on the market for 1/28, 1/32 and 1/24 scale.