kit for suspension SPECIAL ALUMINIUM

Ref: SP114020

Duraluminium - M2 x 13 mm length - weight 0,13 gr - bag with 2 units

Special suspension screws manufactured in Duralumin intended to eliminate inertias and suspended weight in the rear of the chassis. its weight is only 0,13 gr and a brass screw of similar characteristics weighs approx. 0,40 gr.

They are compatible to be used in most chassis of the market and the diameter of the head is Ø4,80 mm.

Remember that Aluminum doesn´t have the same resistance as brass and for this reason you can NOT use this type of screws to make threads directly on the plastic because it can bend or break.

First make the thread with a tap or use a brass screw and it is advisable to lubricate the thread a bit before using it in the plastic. You must also use a flat screwdriver that is sufficiently large so as not to damage the screw slot.