3D plastic chassis Peugeot 208 WRC - Scaleauto

Ref: SP601009 EVO

ABS flexible plastic - approx. weight 9 gr - monochassis ANGLEWINDER - bag with 1 unit + 2 UNIVERSAL brass bushings + 2 caps for bushings of 0,0 and 0,5 + 5 Phillips screw + 4 allen bolt screws.


All Sloting Plus 3D chassis are made of ABS flexible plastic and incorporate all the advances and improvements that we are continuously developed thanks to the multiple tests that are ralize.

All the Sloting Plus 3D chassis has the hole of the support guide of 3.70 mm and can only be equipped guides with similar support measure.

The appropriate and recomended guides are; SP101001, SP101002, SP101003 and SP101004 of Sloting Plus.

To avoid possible manipulations which could damage the support of the guide only recommend using guides with screw ans the same measure. We discourage use the typical "clip" guides.

If you stick the brass bearings, or the screws holding the motor, or the allen bolt screw, ALWAYS use contact glue. NEVER use cyanoclimate glue unless you want it to be "almost" forever.