Special lubricant LUBBOIL Nº 5

Ref: SP120005

Ceramic lubricant - for general lubrication - cream white color - 15 ml - bag with 1 unit

LUBBOIL Nº 5 NANOCERAMIC is a state-of-the-art lubricant formulated with ceramic nanoparticles and Teflonthat greatly reduces wear between parts and greatly minimizes friction between them.

● powerful wear reducer (reduces friction between parts by up to 90%)
● formulated with ceramic nanoparticles that withstand temperatures up to 2200 ° C
● reduces friction temperature excess
● optimizes the efficiency of contact parts and gears
● extends the life of the mechanisms
● provides optimum operating conditions, preventing damage due to insufficient lubrication
● valid for mixed mechanisms plastic/metal

It is not biodegradable
Keep it away from children.

Do not induce vomiting if head is tilted forward to avoid aspiration. Keep the patient at rest. Rinse mouth and throat, as there is a possibility that they may have been affected by ingestion.

In case of contact with eyes:
Flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. In the event that the injured person wears contact lenses, they must be removed as long as they are not glued to the eyes, otherwise additional damage may occur. In all cases, after washing, consult a doctor as soon as possible.

On contact with skin:
This is a product not classified as dangerous in contact with the skin. However, in case of prolonged skin contact, remove contaminated clothing and shoes, rinse skin or wash affected skin with plenty of cold water and mild soap. In case of serious illness see a doctor.
IMPORTANT: Shake it before using