Nylon pinion 10 teeth -F-

Ref: SP083010

Nylon - Ø 6 mm exterior diameter x 10 teeth - PURPLE color - bag with 4 units

This new pinion, at difference of its namesake ref. SP082909 with 9 teeth, has a greater separation between your teeth because they are a little narrowers. -F- fine

In this way it is possible to moderate the power of the engine and smooth the braking. It also allows for greater adaptation to the large number of crowns available in the market but needs a better and more precise adjustment with the crown. Unfortunately, the gears becomes a little noisier and less durable.

Remember that you always have to slightly lubricate the gears to improve their performance and durability and also remember that the Nylon pinions have to be changed very often.

Exterior diameter: 6 mm
Length: 5 mm
To insert at pression to 2 mm axles