TITANIUM axle 57,5 x 2,38 mm (3/32´´)

Ref: SP041157

Titanium rectified and calibrated - 57,5 mm length x 2,38 mm Ø (3/32'') - 1,1 gr - bag with 1 unit

It is very easy to identify an axis of Titanium when not mounted, its lower weight discovers him and when installed, being a paramagnetic material (practically not magnetized) is easy to find out using a magnet. But we, for a little help in their identification, have kept the rough finish at its ends, result of the cutting and polishing process, for even easier identification.

Titanium is very tenacious (very resistant to torsion and energy absorption before fracturing) but it is not hard (resistance capacity of a material to be scratched).

Therefore it is very suitable for use on the front axle or on the rear axle but ONLY with ball bearings.

REMEMBER: If you use it on the rear axle in a brass bushing or similar, it is very important and advisable, use a high-density (thick) lubricant and lubricate generously and very assiduously.