Support motor - axle Stainless steel

Ref: SP507020

Stainless steel - 1,2 mm thickness - 5 gr - bag with 1 unit + screws

Although factory is already verified, on occasion the metal parts are manipulated and folded manually are not perfect.

In some cases is necessary a little attention for align the support of bearings and will need to bend the support to get be perfectly parallels, and the shaft turns smoothly. With a pliers and in a couple of minutes this simple operation can be performed.

Also, sometimes, a slight adjustment in the bearing hole is required to introduce the bearing. It is better than the bearing fits hardness, that to in reverse.

Sloting Plus includes in all the bags of their metal parts everything needed for assembly -screws, lock washers and nuts- so you do not have to worry about anything and can start riding without having to search or buy them. All these parts are stainless steel.