Speed 12 motor -BLACK POINT-

Ref: SP090012

21.500 rpm at 12V - 230 gr/cm at 12V - magnetic force 1,5 (scale from 0 to 10)

The new Speed 12 -BLACK POINT- differs from the previous model in the more linear power delivery and increasing the braking capacity. The rest of characteristics remain unchanged.

The manufacturer of the electric motor has established an approx. tolerance of +/- 8% in consumption, rpm and magnetism.


Before using the motor, it is advisable to lubricate both ends of the axles with a lubricant that penetrates deeply between both parts (bearing/axle).

Our advice is to keep the motor vertical (look the photos) and lubricate by depositing a drop of oil rotating and moving the axle so that it penetrates well. Let stand approx. 20 minutes in this position and repeat, if possible, on the opposite side.

Subsequently clean the excess of lubricant and connect the motor to a power suply at approx. 5/6V and roll for five minutes so that the brushes adapt to commutator and. -ALWAYS-, in the desired direction of rotation.

After, and once mounted, lightly lubricate the axles before each race removing excess oil so as not to stain the track and the interior of the car.