Removable pinion 6,7 x 13 teeth BRASS

Ref: SP085313

Brass and Duraluminium - for 2 mm motor axle - allen screw M2,5 x 2,5 mm - bag with 1 unit + 2 screws

sold out coming soon

The form of the pinion gears and the design of the aluminum base that holds it was created by Sloting Plus after months of research and testing on the track resulting in a product of the highest quality and reliability in which the user can trust and who continues success in competition and in endurance racing 24 hours.

With the removable pinion, it is easier to change the gear ratio and this allow a precise adjustment with the crown. We have included two allen screws for a perfect balanced because on the motor axle are the maximum revolution and a slight imbalance can have fatal consequences for the motor.

The Aluminium support pinion is anodized with different colours for easy identification: 10 teeth gold, 11 teeth silver, 12 teeth black and 13 teeth purple.