Removable pinion 6,5 x 10 teeth STEEL

Ref: SP085210

Steel and Duraluminium - for 2 mm motor axle - allen screw M2,5 x 2,5 mm - bag with 1 unit + 2 screws

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The shape of the gear and the design of the aluminum base that holds it was created by Sloting Plus after much time researching and testing on the track, resulting in a product of the highest quality, 100% reliable, resistant and in which the user can fully trust. A product that continues to give many successes in all kinds of clubs and in all kinds of endurance races.

The removable pinion greatly facilitates, and in a simple way, changing the transmission ratio and perfectly adjusting the pinion with the crown and, together with the two Allen studs, a perfect balance is achieved, since in the motor shaft the revolutions are maximum and an imbalance can have fatal consequences for the engine.

The aluminum base is anodized with different colors for easy identification;

Z-10 GOLD, Z-11 SILVER, Z-12 BLACK and Z-13 PURPLE