Removable pinion 6,5 x 10 teeth BRASS

Ref: SP085110

Brass and Duraluminium - for 2 mm motor axle - allen screw M2,5 x 2,5 mm - bag with 1 unit + 2 screws

The design of the pinion, and of the aluminium base that holds it, were created by Sloting Plus after months of research and track tests. The aim was to improve the quality and usability of our first removable pinion. We did not invent this system - it has been around for many years, but we took a new approach to the concept in order to improve it and adapt it exclusively to the specific requirements of slot technology.

The result has been a product of the highest quality, reliability and strength, in which the user can have absolute faith. Our removable pinion continues to lead to many successes in all types of competitions, including 12 and 24 hour endurance races.

With the removable pinion from Sloting Plus, changing the transmission ratio is easier and quicker. It can also be adjusted very precisely to the crown. We have included two Allen screws for perfect balance, since the motor axle turns at maximum revs and any imbalance could have disastrous consequences for both the motor and the gear itself.

The pinion base has been anodized in different colours for easy identification. Z10 - gold, Z11 - silver, Z12 - black and Z13 - purple.