Superfine and low friction brass stopper (M2)

Ref: SP061190

Brass - for axle of 2,38 mm (3/32´´) - 6,20 mm diameter x 2,49 mm thickness - allen screw M2 x 3 mm - 0,5 gr - bag with 4 units + 4 screws

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Sloting Plus offers you the most extensive stoppers range on the market to meet the needs of all users and preparations. With the proper design and rigorous and precise manufacturing we designed this reference to cover two functions at once. Its natural stopper function and for add weight on either axles, front or rear.

The union of these elements allows us to guarantee the best possible quality, an enormous durability of each product and the highest performance and greatest benefits for the the user.

This UNIVERSAL and EXTRA-THIN stopper include one screw M2 x 3 mm for perfect balancing, but you can also use 2 or 2,5 mm length.