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    New ''Combi Plus'' bushing

    This is a 1 g weight bushing in one block which allow axle alignment wihout transversal flexion chassis issue in AngleWinder applications. Another important advantage is the permanent lubrication by centrifugal...

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    New Sloting Plus stoppers

    We present four new Sloting Plus stoppers, three in duraluminium anodized and one in brass : SLPL 2400 red double face low friction for axle 2,38 mm ( 3/32" ) Screw M2,5 - 0,22 g screw included - 6,20...

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    New spur gears Anglewinder

    To make easier the relation between the tooths number and the spur gear colour, we have employed the rainbow basic colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple !

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    Pilots Sloting Plus

    We are pleased to present Sloting Plus competition cars decoration and, more important, our pilots for 2009 year : Rally Grupo N SN Eduardo Oliva Escuderia El Puntazo - Málaga Rally Grupo...

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    Colored Sloting Plus wheels

    New Europa, first model we made, but anodized with nice blue colour ! References are : SLPL 45015 15.0 x 8.5 mm SLPL 45016 15.9 x 8.5 mm SLPL 45017 16.9 x 8.5 mm

  • New Combi bearings

    Combi bearing is compatible with all major slot brands. With first quality bronze under bearing, we guarantee resistance and low friction. Aluminium body ensure important weight reduction.

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    Sloting Plus tools

    We present new screwdrivers for screws and nuts. Manufactured in metal for durability and hardiness, they are specially adapted for slot hobby, particurlarly 1/24 ! References are : SLPL 9102 Special...

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    New removable pinion with allen system

    New removable pinion gear for gear/crown , sidewinder and anglewinder transmission systems. With our new pinion gears, it is no longer necessary to remove entirely your car motor/gear axle assembly to...

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    Sloting Plus Gear Puller / Pusher

    A new tough and quality Gear Puller / Pusher , with multiple functions, that will facilitate gears mounting and removal from your motor. Compatible with all existing motors on the market. A solid tool...

  • Sloting Plus is on the market

    Sloting plus introduces on the market it’s first products. The brand present’s itself as the perfect alternative for tuning highly competitive Slot racing cars.