3D plastic chasis Buggyra MK R08 - FLY

Ref: SP600904

ABS Plastic - Approx. weight 17 gr. - Mono-chassis inline WITH OFFSET - bag with 1 unit + 2 brass bearings one flanged + 4 screws to secure the brass bearings + 2 screws for attaching the engine + 4 bolt srews to adjust the front axle + 1 complete guide EVO PCS + 1 Neodymium magnet

new coming soon

The EVO PCS guide, included with the chassis, will let you get the best results on the track.

This chassis also include four allen bolt screws. Two M2 x 6 and two M2 x 8 to precisely regulate the front axle and we have also added two special screws to ensure the motor.

The front magnet, included in the chassis, will give you that "plus" when driving it. You will keep all the sensations of driving a truck but have a little more safety in the smaller interior curves without losing the feeling of pilot. It will seem to you that you don´t have magnet.

In addition, with the magnet avoid having to put any counterweight and all are advantages. You eliminate weight (more acceleration and better braking) and you have the same sensations as if you were carrying it, but without its drawbacks.

To securing the screws to secure the engine or the allen bolt screws to regulate the axle, ALWAYS use contact glue. Never use cyanoacrylate glue unless you want glued forever. The cyanoacrylate adhesive are too strong.